Creating a Cozy Home Atmosphere in December

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Cozy Feng Shui living room in December

December is the perfect time of year to get comfortable and cozy with loved ones. No matter the size, a warm couch, a few great cushions, and a large soft throw are all you need to create a cozy atmosphere.

The Power of a Throw

At home, I have two fluffy throws on my sofa that my kids love snuggling under when it’s cold outside. They add to the overall aesthetic of the room, even when not in use, whether casually thrown or neatly lined up, depending on the mood.

Stay Clutter-Free

Keeping the inside of your home snug and free of clutter can promote relaxation and peace of mind, especially when you want to snuggle up under those cozy throws at the end of the day. Don’t feel guilty about any cleaning or tidying up you still need to do. Once you start, you’ll find that it’s no longer a chore and will give you a wonderful boost of uplifting energy. Give it a try!

With love, C xox

ps: I found this gorgeous photo on a great blog called Elements of Style

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