November 19


How Bitcoin changed my life

By Carolyn Chadwick

November 19, 2021

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Bitcoin is an amazing wild ride!

OMG.. what a day today. Bitcoin hits yet another ATH (All Time High) just now $69000 which is WILD!

My journey started back at the beginning of 2018 after the big Bull run of 2017 when everybody had got to that Euphoric state of mind. The world had gone crazy. People were jumping like crrazy thinking they'd get rich quick. Unfortunaltely many saw their fortune fizzle away as at the ATH Bitcoin did a reverse trend and started to run downhill again ready to settle in for a few years of Bear market. A phase when not a lot happens and most of the people get bored, not the die hards and hte experts. This is their time to accumulate, catch their breath and go into a zen phase again. Happy to wait for the next halvig and bullrun up to take new ATH levels again.

Wildest dreams

I don't think those who bought Bitcoin at $3 could ever in their wildest have imagined it would hit the price it has done today. A historic moment again and a full recovery of the 50% correction it did this summer (2021).

There's always going to be forms of corrections in the crypto world be it 2%-90% it's part of this world and best you get used to it otherwise stay away. 

The Sceptics and the FUD spreaders

During this summer the sceptics and the FUD spreaders (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) get the wrong end of the stick again. They never learn and hang to their belief of being a nocoiner for ever and for ever believe it's goig to die because their Ego won't allow them to capitulate to the fact that Bitcoin and Crypto are here to stay. 

Bitcoin Maxis jump for joy

In the mean time the Bitcoin maximalists jump fpr sheer joy each time Bitcoin shows strength and keeps moving to the upside. It's got this fantastic track record and keep growing at an average rate of 191% per year. You don't get that anywhere. No bank gives you this.

Don't touch MLM ever!

So that day I decided to jump on in because I saw the massive opportuinity. I had been burnt in a stupid MLM thing and had lost money at the time. Never again was I going to do anything to do with MLM ever again. So I had done my homework and had read the Bitcoin Whitepaper and understood it was a huge opportunity to add to my investment portfolio.

What Bitcoin taught me

Happy days ever since. My life has been totally changed by Bitcoin and I'm for ever grateful for the journey it has taken me on. Teaching me to believe in myself and to not think I was the crazy one but the wise one. Teaching me to hold on for dear life and not sell when everybody told me to get rid of it. Bitcoin has now given me an opportunity to build a succesful business out of it because of my persisitence and belief I am now an expert and help other brave couragous female entrepreneurs over the fence.

Quick start 1-2-1

So if my story inpires you and you too want to invest some of your hard earned cash into Bitcoin rather than watch it devalue in your savings account,  then book a call 45 minute call with me to see if this is for you. 

If you prefer to go it all alone great, I wish you a journey like mine, where future looks bright for many who dare take the plunge.


listen to my podcast below for more inspiration.

Love, Carolyn xox

Over de auteur

Meet yours truly, a savvy female investor who caught on to the Bitcoin craze way back in 2018. After doing some Marie Kondo magic on my house and selling things that no longer sparked joy, I had some cash to play around with. Little did I know, my hunch for this top-notch asset would pay off big time! Now, I'm living my best life, stacking up Satoshis every week and HODL-ing on tight! Cheers to living an abundant, happy & healthy lifestyle! 

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