November 20


Clearing Clutter and Improving Feng Shui: A Personal Account

By Carolyn

November 20, 2010

bedroom decluttering, declutter, feng shui, konmari

Although my bedroom doesn’t look like the one pictured above, I’m making progress in terms of Feng Shui. I’ve incorporated more white and earthy colors, and I’ll share a photo soon.

Lately, I’ve been busy decluttering my space. Even though I thought I was fairly organized and free of clutter, I discovered more as I went along. At first, it wasn’t obvious, as most of it was hidden away – forgotten in drawers or piled up in boxes. However, I’m proud to say that I tackled the challenge head-on and emptied out several drawers in the kitchen without a second thought. No regrets!

I had tons of magazines on interior design, gardening, and cooking, all of which I kept “just in case.” But in reality, I didn’t need or use them, so I piled them into a box and took them to the dump. It was a simple process, although I did keep a small pile of my favorites. I promised myself to go through them and get rid of any that didn’t spark joy. I even made a note in my calendar to have the pile gone by Christmas.

Now that my space is more organized, I feel lighter, calmer, and happier. I encourage everyone to give decluttering a try – it’s a great way to transform your living environment into a more beautiful and peaceful place.

Lots of love, C xox

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