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To have your kitchen drawers looking like these is ofcourse a dream, but do try to clean them once in a while. I too had to train myself to do it… not weekly… that would be obsessive! After you have sorted your drawers and cleared the clutter, they look fresh and elegant again.

Plates of simular size and colour look equally sexy when stored beautifully. I have various plates of colour and size and I just ‘Zen’ them on their shelves to look attractive… and they feel nicer when in a cleaned cupboard too!!! Just do the kitchen organizing 4x per year…. go with the seasons.
If you have a small storage room or anywhere in you home that allows you to have some extra cupboard space then these inbuilt cabinets offer a perfect solution. I would love some of these in my garage that is atached to our house for extra storage.
In your closet get rid of clothes you haven’t worn for over a year… or are even too small… and sort them by colour if you like. Some one tipped me the other day and said she likes to hang her clothes from short to long as the space available under the short part is perfect for your boots.
Label your filing cabinet so you know what is where and get in the habit of filing your paperwork immediately. It will take will power and training! I was quiet sloppy at first but now it is a breeze to do and stress free!

Just treat each drawer or cupboard as a projec and you will feel realy proud of yourself when you can cross it off your ‘To Do’ list… and stop clutter before it starts!!! Will have tips on that one in my next Friday Feng shui tip!
Happy organizing, Love, C

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Carolyn  -  How Decluttering and Small Steps Can Lead to Big Returns. 
In 2017, I decided to declutter my possessions using the KonMari method. Not only did this help me sell items online and earn some extra money, but it also allowed me to invest in Bitcoin. Recognizing its potential as a Class A Asset, I have continued to accumulate Bitcoin ever since. And the best part is, anyone can do it! You don't need to buy a whole Bitcoin to get started – small steps can lead to big returns. Becoming a certified KonMari Consultent and showing other women how to do it too has now become my core business.

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