Subtle symmetry affects the subconscious mind

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Feng Shui style bedroom

The reason why subtle symmetry in your home has a positive effect on the subconscious mind is that when you walk into a room that is beautiful you automatically relax and feel peacefull…. And who doesn’t want that these days!

Your body can sense the free flowing energy and it’s tranquility. Especially women are very sensitive to this. I am  100% sure that you would feel the difference in your body and mind immediately if you had to judge two houses where one would be total chaos and the other beautifully ‘zenned’. If you look at the picture on the left you will know what I mean. In this room the focus is on relaxing and sleeping, the beauty of the room effects your body immediately as there is nothing to distract you. By distractions I mean clothes on the floor, Shoes under the bed, a mess on the bed, or even an untidy bed or anything crooked.

In Feng Shui it is important to keep the rooms in your house tidy, clear of clutter and colour coordinated. It effects the chi, the flow of energy and light and this all has a positive effect on your whole system without you really knowing it.

Feng shui doesn’t mean it has to be spotlessand sterile! It means to make your home homely and cozy to suit your own personal style with nothing standing in your way to distract you from enjoying your surroundings. Of course we all have our daily washing, cleaning, shopping, ironing, cooking and work to do…. but the difference is whether you do it immediately and tidy up afterwards or leave it all to pile up so it makes a mess, and you are put off to solve it.

So just for starters go round and quickly straighten and tidy up your favourite room and take note of the changes you experience yourself when entering that room again. Then do this for every room during a week.

Do let me know what you experience!!! I would love to hear from you.

If you get stuck, but want to bring a sense of balance and peacefulness into your space?  Do contact me to schedule a restyling of your home using all your own furniture and accessories.

Love, C

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