February 18


Feng Shui tips

By Carolyn

February 18, 2011

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The colour use above is vibrant but still in harmony… because the accessoires are ‘Zenned’ and the energy flows naturally. Here the tones are browns in all kinds of different shades.. and blend in well together. Note the tall vase centred right bang in the middle.. if it was off center it would attract attention, now it blends in beautifully. Even though the room is ‘Zenned’ it still looks snug and cozy.
This bedroom above is gorgeous because of the pale tones and the natural light coming in, accentuated by the fluffy throw casually flung on the bed… this is also Feng Shui… it has been casually lain there but done with love and looks totally sexy! Try giving smooth walls a sensual colour wash… this wall looks oldish and accentuates the romantic bedroom beyond with the old tiles… it just feels right! If it had been full of clutter you wouldn’t notice the sensuality at all.


Example of one of my moodboards… it’s a huge one though.. 4xA3 size… you could make one to start with on 1xA3Feng Shui is not just intended for your home. You can use Feng Shui also in your workplace, garden and other areas of your life.Here are some useful tips to try out and play with. Frequently when people ask me “but does it really work” I tell them to go through their house with pen and paper and jot down the areas they feel need to be de-cluttered or arranged differently! Then I tell them to go about it step by step… and start first by de-cluttering 1 area… and I mean really de-clutter… so get a trash bag and throw out old stuff you don’t use or don’t care about anymore. They feel a difference then, it makes them feel lighter as they remove the old, making room for the new!

Tips and tools

On a daily basis I receive possitive remarks that my tips and tools really do work, and people feel their homes are becoming places of joy and happiness! They experience that their home feels like a warm blanket wrapped around them.So now the tips:

* Open windows in the morning briefly to let natural sunlight (when available) pour in and fresh air to breeze away the sleepy night energy.

* de-clutter 1 area of your home this week and note the difference.

* In Feng Shui the use of colour is important, because it creates atmosphere and a special mood to fit your personality.

* So check your colour scheme… is it to your liking… note down what you would like to change and over the course of the following weeks bring about the change.

* beware though that the colours should be in harmony and not have a killing effect! For info on colours visit the Colour me Happy blog

* your home is an extension of your body, dreams and spirit….your space reflects who you are…

* to figure out what kind of person you are create a mood-board using cuttings from magazines you love…

* take note… when you go into a bookshop … which section do you head for straight away? This is also a give away about your personality and what your passions are…

* create the mood-board with pictures of all your dreams and wishes and hang it somewhere where you can see it.

* and I know it may sound boring to you but make sure that your home is clean, and feels clean….because it will make your mental, emotion and physical health soar.

* when cleaning your home… the art is to do it from the heart and with a load of love… and setting your mind to it, and doing the cleaning with attention… try it out if you don’t believe me… you will notice the difference! With Love, makes a home feel wanted and cared for… and therefore reflects you caring for yourself too!!!!

and finally…

The mos important tip is really to have fun and enjoy life… and your home! Daily rituals are part of life and you might as well make them fun!!!

… don’t forget you are DESIGNED2B BEAUTIFUL…. the inside shows who you are on the outside…. everybody can glow!
Happy weekend

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