November 15


How to create your work from home office.

By Carolyn

November 15, 2011

Just some homely inspiration for you here today! I have my home office in the projects area according to the Feng Shui Bagua map which I have written about earlier. It is a simple wooden table with a tray of candles, my favourite coffee table books on display and  a bouquet of flowers… overlooking the garden! really nice.

For you too it is possible to create your own home office… even if you have an oldish table… try to bring it back to life by painting it or sandpapering it down to it’s bare wood… which looks super anyway!!! Do find the right place to create your own office ( I even found a picture of one in a cupboard) … preferably in the projects area of your livingroom or any other room that offers space enough. Be creative and design it to your wishes… if you are not quite sure make a moodboard first by taking cuttings from magazines … sort them and stick them either on A4 or A3 paper and then frame it nicely and best is then to hang it infront or near your home office!!!! So it inspires you all day every day! Treat yourself to fowers weekly… it doesn’t need to be a large bunch even just 1 rose does the trick… have fun and discover your passions!

In Feng Shui it’s vital to create beauty around you that works for you! Especially now at this time of year when daylight is less intense it’svitally  important for your life energy to have your home cozy, clear of clutter and clean ready to enter into winter time season… you will truely feel so much more light yourself and happy …. just go give it a go and figure it out for yourself. Stop procastinating… and plan it into your ‘to do list’!!! Preferably this weekend! Turn it into a family thing and get kids clearing and cleaning too… as long as it is fun… play funky music too… and party away for 45 minutes…

the pictures below are just for inspiration and tell a story… house, garden, flowers, romantic dried roses, feminine boudoir…. If mum is happy then everyone is happy!!!

Most photos are taken by me but if not then I collect and find them on Prettystuff or heartbeatoz

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