March 13


Clutter Zones in your home: the Bathroom

By Carolyn

March 13, 2011

Bathrooms are places where you should be able to wash off the grime of the day or start the day fresh… a place of wellness! However some bathrooms I see are stacked high with appliences and beauty grooming products…. (some of which are as old as the hills!!! and need to be chucked out… dated lipsticks, eyeshadows, creams, shampoo’s, etc. and not forgetting the medical stuff you have stashed away somewhere and of which some has gone well past it’s sell by date! Please do me a favor and go through your bathroom kit and throw away OLD stuff! It will smell unfresh… and who wants that on their face???).These products are stashed on shelves, windowsills, on top of the toilet tank, around the bathrim, IN the bath! next to the washbasin, on the floor and anywhere else possible. This makes it more difficult to clean the inevitable yucky deposits they leave and creates a confused, chaotic theme in an area that ideally needs to be calm and peaceful. People with clutter-free bathrooms find some of their meditations (and also their best songs) happen in their bathtub or shower. For best results, install some storage units and keep them organized and clean… inside and out! A clean healthy looking bathroom is a delight to be in!
Once you get the general hang of it… you will always want it to look sexy! Even if you’re single or a man! 

It’s important to treat yourself to good beauty products and scrub your face and body at least 1x a week under the shower. Bodylotion either every day or 3x a week minimum!
Cleanse your face daily and use nurishing day & night creams… in bed smother your hands with a good handcream….

For women especially it’s great to soak in warm water… if you have a bath treat yourself regularly… otherwise go and visit a wellness center at least 1x a month… jacuzzi and massage! Great for the spirit and mind… and you will feel relaxed and energized! It’s also part of the clearing clutter session…. warm water relaxes our bodies, so we can let go! Try it!
Tip: Use soft towels of any colour you love!
drink lots of water daily
eat healthy food

If you don’t take GOOD care of yourself… you cannot take good care of others!

So, have a Happy bathroom de-clutter session and turn it into a wellness/spa area for beauty, health & relaxation!
Love, C

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