The 9 Feng Shui areas of the Bagua map

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Using Feng Shui to Transform Your Home and Life
Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, includes nine specific areas to consider when decluttering and decorating your home. Whether you’re planning a full home makeover or just a quick refresh, these tips will come in handy!

  1. Prosperity
  2. Fame
  3. Career and Travel
  4. Love and Relationships
  5. Family
  6. Health
  7. Creativity and Children
  8. Knowledge and Skills
  9. Helpful People and Friends

Discovering these specific areas in your home and their corresponding impact on your life can be fascinating. Keep in mind that Feng Shui isn’t a magic solution to all of life’s problems. Incorporating it into your life requires patience and small changes. Take it step by step and adapt to the different energies. In my next posts, I’ll delve into each section in more detail. So, have some fun with it and give it a try!

Lots of love & light, C xox

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Carolyn  -  How Decluttering and Small Steps Can Lead to Big Returns. 
In 2017, I decided to declutter my possessions using the KonMari method. Not only did this help me sell items online and earn some extra money, but it also allowed me to invest in Bitcoin. Recognizing its potential as a Class A Asset, I have continued to accumulate Bitcoin ever since. And the best part is, anyone can do it! You don't need to buy a whole Bitcoin to get started – small steps can lead to big returns. Becoming a certified KonMari Consultent and showing other women how to do it too has now become my core business.

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