January 21


Feng Shui tip

By Carolyn

January 21, 2011

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Clear clutter on a daily basis

Once you get the hang of it and have tidied up your home – you wil notice a difference in how relaxed you become in your own home.

* you will think 2x about bringing new items into your home!! * You will love your home more and more!!! * you will be grateful for all you have!!! * You will be able to focus on what you really want in life – as the clutter no longer is there to side track you!!!! * You will save money!!! * You will buy quality rather than quantity * You will push forward, become more goal orientated and happier!!! Have a happy and clutter free weekend!Love, C Click on the images below for some more Feng Shui inspiration.

Over de auteur

Meet yours truly, a savvy female investor who caught on to the Bitcoin craze way back in 2018. After doing some Marie Kondo magic on my house and selling things that no longer sparked joy, I had some cash to play around with. Little did I know, my hunch for this top-notch asset would pay off big time! Now, I'm living my best life, stacking up Satoshis every week and HODL-ing on tight! Cheers to living an abundant, happy & healthy lifestyle! 

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