Feng Shui: The Art of Balancing and Harmonizing Natural Energies

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Feng Shui is an ancient art that involves balancing natural energies in our surroundings to create positive effects in our daily lives. It is comparable to “Zen,” which entails organizing everything in your home with love and care until you sense an energy shift.

The term “Feng Shui” originated in China and means “Wind & Water.” It was initially used to determine auspicious sites for ancestral tombs, granting them the best opportunity to help their living descendants. Later, the principles were employed to locate palaces, government buildings, and monuments, and entire cities were planned according to Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui is not limited to interior design; it can be used in all aspects of life. Becoming a true Feng Shui Master requires about 30 years of study of all aspects, although some principles can be learned and taught relatively quickly. Professionals offer courses on the subject.

For now, let’s focus on how your home feels to you. Take a pen and paper and walk through each room, noting how it feels and the percentage of clutter in each room. Then, consider what you’d like to see changed. Be mindful of how you arrange things. Try moving things around and notice if you feel a “click” in your body. Take a step back and observe the changes you’ve made. If you find yourself smiling, you’ve found the perfect arrangement!

Have fun and clear away some of your clutter, even if it’s only three items. Try it out and let me know if you feel any different afterward. Remember to approach everything with your full attention and love.

Love & Light, C xox

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Carolyn  -  How Decluttering and Small Steps Can Lead to Big Returns. 
In 2017, I decided to declutter my possessions using the KonMari method. Not only did this help me sell items online and earn some extra money, but it also allowed me to invest in Bitcoin. Recognizing its potential as a Class A Asset, I have continued to accumulate Bitcoin ever since. And the best part is, anyone can do it! You don't need to buy a whole Bitcoin to get started – small steps can lead to big returns. Becoming a certified KonMari Consultent and showing other women how to do it too has now become my core business.

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