A life filled with wellness…. I love it all!!!

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Wellness self-care

To start off the day by having a long lie in does you the world of good. Sleep is essential to having a healthy brain.

Have your partner servef you a deliscious cup of herbal tea!

Then followed of course by doing some quiet meditation. To sit in stillness in the void will help you focus on the now and start your day off in a positive manner.

Walk about the house in your cozy bathrobe and have a warm shower to cleanse yourself.

Try and treat yourself to a spa and wellness ritual at least twice a week. Scrub your body with your favourite scents and don’t forget to do you face too. Use a sponge to wash all your body parts. Rinse your hair with a good shampoo and allow it to air dry. Then style accordingly.

use heavenly smelling soaps and oils to …
and totally relax your tired christmas body…. waiting to be…
MASSAGED what a luxury that would be…. 

Me realizing that I need to do this massaging stuff more frequently than I actually do!

I love wellness…
So… I will enter my home ‘zenned’ bathroom this evening and treat myself to a good scrub and soak!
Light some candles… and slowely drift into heaven!
How often do you treat yourself to some pampering???
Love, C
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