February 23


Want to know how to de-clutter? Read this!

By Carolyn

February 23, 2011

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Tidy Home

Want your home to look fresh, light and cleared…Your wardrobe to look neat & tidy …and you can’t stand shoes, scarves, gloves, shin protectors and kids stuff clogging & cluttering up your home…. You feel like you are out of control with your wardrobe including old shoes and handbags from the year 2000 etc…


Well then it is time you learned how to de-clutter your home & Life!
Recently I have been asked by friends and clients: “well how do I start to de-clutter? and keep clutter out of the house

What is Clutter

Clutter is stuck energy! It blocks the smooth flow of energy in a room/home.
As soon as you get into clearing out clutter you will begin to feel happier and lighter… the energy of a room will change… you can physically feel it.
Clutter keeps you in the past, and can make you feel tired because every time you come home you will subconsciously think… it needs clearing out, but I can’t be bothered!
Having clutter can affect the way people treat you.
Having clutter can make you procrastinate.
Having clutter can make you feel ashamed.
Having clutter can depress you and put your life on hold.

Lots of people have clutter because they think ‘well, you never know when it might come in handy…. the ‘just in case cases’.

How to start

So where to start… make a list of every room.. from basement to the attic… if you have them… and be honest about what areas need de-cluttering.
Then start small… a drawer in the… kitchen, bedroom, office…. and work through it item per item…best is to also clean at the same time!
Some people are quick at getting rid of their stuff and are happy with just a big trash bag… others take longer… If you are in this category make sure you have several boxes to put your clutter in…
1. trash box – definite clutter for the dump
2. repairs box – but only for things you want to keep and WILL repair… otherwise get rid of it.
3. recycle box – for things you want to give to others… clothes, books?
4. transit box – items that you want to move to another room.
5. Dilemma box – things you find hard to let go of… check it every month if you can get rid of an item.
Go at it step by step… clutter accumulates in everybody’s life… It took me 2 months to completely de-clutter my house…. so no worries… and you probably will not want to be at it every day.

Then for starters invest in some nice baskets… either simple or colourful like the ones on the left and buy clothes hangers made out of the same material, for example wooden ones.

My attic was a real mess where we just about stacked all we didn’t want… and of course it was bugging me like anything… then I finally decided no longer to procrastinate and get up there… It was a wonderful experience and I had fun too! I even had the vacuum cleaner up there!
I will write about clutter in another post otherwise this will become too long!
I want you to get started! Hang in there .. grab a bag & let go of stuff…
Let me know what happens and how it makes you feel.

Love, C

Does your house feel as though you are tucked up in a warm blanket? Is it a place where you feel at home and where you can relax and enjoy yourself? If not, and you would like it to be, then contact me or sign up for my newsletter to get tips and tricks.

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