February 28


The process of decluttering is about letting go!

By Carolyn

February 28, 2011

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Letting Go

The process of clearing clutter is about letting go. Not just letting go of your belongings – that is only the end result. The most important thing is learning to let go of the fear that keeps you holding on to them after it is time to move them on their way.

Fear of letting go

People hold on to their stuff because they are afraid to let go – afraid of the emotions they may have to experience in the process of sorting through the stuff, afraid they might make a mistake and regret getting rid of something.Clutter clearing can bring up a lot of “stuff” to be faced and dealt with, and intuitively every one knows it!


Life is constant change. So when something new comes into your life enjoy it, use it well, and when it’s time, let it go. It’s that simple.Just because you own something, doesn’t mean you have to keep it for ever… why do we keep it? Guilty conscience… or what… Hanging on to stuff… keeps you more in the past and subconsciously burdens you!


You will feel so much more happy and lighter afterwards… and then there is place again for the new… and you catapult your life in a forward movement… instead of staying put.

I believe anyway that life is about development and personal growth… otherwise it gets so terribly boring! and people grow old more quickly!So if you want to stay vibrant, energetic and younger looking.. get rid of your clutter…Fear stops you from being who you really are and doing what you came here to do!Fear suppresses your vital life force energy: releasing clutter helps reconnect you to your own natural vitality.

Cleansing your life

Letting go of clutter and cleansing your own inside at the same time leaves you free to be you, which is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.Just do it. In my next posts I will touch upon how to identify clutter… as I discovered more recently it is also on the internet these days!!!Love, C

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