March 30


Clutter zones in your home: the basement, cellar

By Carolyn

March 30, 2011

The Basement/Cellar

Sometimes we get so caught up in the main parts of our house, that we forget about the basement, garage and attics. In Feng Shui, these areas represent our past, our buried feelings and our leftover “baggage”. The length of time it has been down there will tell you how long you have been putting off dealing with what is symbolically buried in the stuff. Feelings of hopelessness, depression, lethargy (vermoeidheid), aimlessness or feeling burdened in your progress are just some of the unfortunate side effects of having clutter in your basement or cellar.


Spring is an ideal time to tackle the junk you have piled there, to deal with “later”. Take a few hours to sort through your belongings and see if there are items that you don’t use, are broken, out of date, or bring up unpleasant memories. Once this chore is done, you will sleep better at night and feel lighter knowing your past is free and clear.

You can of course still use your cellar for storage but make sure it looks pleasant on the eye… tidy and neat… in actual fact ‘organized’ I guess!

Luckily I don’t have a basement, but I do have a garage… and that tells me, every time it sneakily gets filled up, something about my issue area according to the Bagua map….. it’s the area in my house which represents Wisdom, Knowledge & Self -Improvement… so for me it’s extremely important to keep this area free of clutter… and I notice that as soon as it fills up with old paper stuff, plastic bottles for recycling, glass and other yuck I get restless and feel I am not getting anywhere… as soon as it is cleared away the garage feels so much lighter and the energy moves freely again… and I feel happy again as I am a total knowledge freak.. always wanting to learn more and develop personally! As I want to get the most out of life!!!

So just go out into these areas of your house/home and give it a jolly good clear out!!! Dump it immediately of course… as you will not have any other place for it anymore!!!

Set The Timer

So take an egg timer with you and set it for 45 minutes and tackle your stuff… have a cup of tea and go in again for another 45 minutes, repeat until you’ve finished!

Good luck… and be determined as this will be the most intense clearing!

Love, C

Over de auteur

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