April 21


Understanding the Feng Shui Bagua Map

By Carolyn

April 21, 2011

Feng Shui

After several request from clients and friends about how to use the Feng Shui Bagua Map, I decided to make a drawing for you. Best is to download the photo into your laptop/computer and then zoom in to enlarge what I have written.

The nine areas of the Bagua Map reflect areas of your home/life!!!

Once you understand and get to grips with the map …. it’s great to try it out on your own home! Just take pen and paper and draw your floor plan and turn it into a square/rectangular shape… with missing corners added by using a dotted line. See Example House 4 on my drawing. Then place the center of the Bagua map on the center of your plan.

If you do have a corner missing you can either hang a mirror on the wall or if you have a window, use a rainbow crystal, and hang it in the center …. both will bring the energy of the missing part back into your home. If both are impossible then place a symbolic object that signifies the area! A beautiful object ofcourse which you LOVE!!!!

A description of the nine areas. Just chose the names that are most appealing to you in the different sections:

Prosperity, Wealth, Abundance, Fortunate Blessings:

Clutter in this area will clog up your cash flow, cause your overall financial situation to stagnate, and make it hard work to create abundance in your life.

Fame, Reputation, Illumination:

When this area is cluttered it can cause your reputation to dull and your popularity to wane. Enthusiasm, passion, and inspiration will also be in short supply.

Relationship, Love, Marriage:

A cluttered relationships area can cause difficulty in finding a love mate or problems in an exisitng relationship. What you get will not be what you need or want.

Elders, Family, Community:

This type of clutter can cause problems with superiors, authority figures and parents as well as with your family or community as a whole.

Health, Unity:

Clutter here has damaging health consequences and your life will lack a meaningful central focus.

Creativity, Offspring (kidds), Projects:

If this area is cluttered you are likely to experience blocks in your creativity, struggle in bringing projects to fruitition, and difficulties in relationships with children or people working for you.

Knowledge, Wisdom, Self-Improvement:

Clutter in this area limits your ability to learn, make wise decisions, and improve yourself.

Career, Life Path, The Journey:

When you have clutter here it can seem as though life is an uphill struggle. You may feel that you are in a rut, not doing what you want to do.

Helpful Friends, Compassion, Travel:

Clutter in this area blocks the flow of support in your life, so you will feel like you are “going it alone” a lot of the time. It also inhibits plans to travel more.

My advice is to just get going and try it out…

If you are skeptical… well then just de-clutter an area for several months and then clutter it again…. and FEEL and EXPRIENCE the difference…

Still got questions then please contact me, or if in dire need of any HELP then write me an email (see link on the side about me) and I will be glad to make an appointment for a consultaion.

Do let me know of your experiences!

Love, C

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