I help you to create wealth to secure a better future for yourself and your family.

Can you afford to miss out on the enormous wealth that Bitcoin will create for those who decide to invest. Despite its enormous growth over the last ten years it's still not too late to invest in the currency.

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Bitcoin for Queens Module 1

Module 1 Who is the genius behind bitcoin?

Bitcoin was invented by a person or group known by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto around 2008. To understand what Bitcoin is you need to learn and educate yourself well first. Especially because most people you talk to will not have a clue and will try and steer you away from it.

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BFQ Module 2

Module 2 What Exchange platform to choose?

Before you can buy any Bitcoin/Satoshis you need to choose your exchange platform. I have some recommended platforms for you in the module and explain what they are.

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Bitcoin for Queens Module 3

Module 3 Buying your 1st BTC

In this Module I take you through the steps of how you can buy Bitcoin (Satoshis) in a safe and easy way. Rest assured you do NOT need to buy 1 Bitcoin. You can start with as little as €50 and build from there. You buy Satoshis (this is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin and 100.000.000 Satoshis in 1 Bitcoin).

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Bitcoin for Queens Module 4

Module 4 Getting to grips with the Bitcoin market cycles

This is a super important module because here I teach you  all about the psychology of the markets and their cycles and why it's important to do the exact opposite to what the mainstream do. 

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Bitcoin for Queens Module 5

Module 5 How to develop the Bitcoin for Queens mindset

This is my favourite module because it teaches you all about how to clear limiting money beliefs and money blocks you may have. I regularly go back to this module myself. There is always the next ceiling to clear... and stay strong as a female investor in a male dominated world.

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Bitcoin for Queens Module 6

Module 6 Deeper dive into the ultimate strategies to be successful

Learn all about the different strategies such as DCA, Diamond Hands and all about the importance of having a long time preference. Super important to become a succefull investor.

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Behind the Brand

My mission is to help busy mums who lie awake at night worrying about how to make ends meet, reach financial independence by teaching them how to become a smart investor and a wealthy spender without wasting precious time and taking big risks.

It's all about you learning how to divide your income into nice juicy pots that work efficiently for you, so you can begin to feel you are working towards a goal. 

I teach you all about how to invest in a smart way, because it's our assests that make us wealthy, not us working hard all day long.

Bitcoin is one of those assests that has made me finanially independent.

It's not an overnight quick fix. You need to make a plan.

Watch the video I made below and start your journey today. It's your birthright.

Bitcoin for Queens was born 2021 because many woman are touched by my story and want someone they can trust to help them get into Bitcoin in a safe way.

Educating yourself and becoming financially litereate is key to understanding what Bitcoin is.

My story begins when I was at my wits end and living out of boxes moving from home to home after my divorce. I was left without a pension and no house. I had to dig deep and was totally freaked out. Shit happens!

I had so much clutter lying around that I didn't even bother emptying boxes. Procrastinating big time. I just couldn't face sorting it all out. Recognise this? Yeah. 

Anyway long story short, I bumped into Mari Kondo's method of tidying (she's the lovely tidying guru from Japan) and I began using her method of decluttering and tidied ALL of my stuff. 

I kept that which sparked joy and what didn't I sold! And hey presto I earned over more than €1000 and used that money to invest in Bitcoin in 2018. 

Truth was I had been sleepwalking in my own home for years and had managed by doing the work and commiting to tidying woken up sleeping money. It was the best thing I ever did.

So my financial mess is now my message.  I am now a Bitcoin Expert (Disclaimer: not a financial advisor).

Over the years I gained so much knowledge about Bitcoin and witnessed ups and downs in the market, watched my investment grow by using my strategies and built a strong mindset capable of sailing through the volatilty of the markets, not listening to friends saying I was crazy and I should sell.

Why work with me? How can I help you?

With my service I help you invest in a smart and safe way without having to take big risks.

#1 Free Ebook

How to become a Bitcoin Queen in 8 simple steps.

A journey into Bitcoin as an investment opportunity.

Get started today.

#2 Free Webinar

How soulful women can achieve financial independence through Bitcoin without feeling anxious, overwhelmed or taking unnecessary risks by using my Bitcoin Queen's Method

#3 Quick Start 1-2-1 

Are you wanting to jump, however still finding yourself sitting on the fence, wanting to take the plunge but not sure how or what and when.... then book a Quick Start 1-2-1 call with me in my calendar. It's easy and will get you going. That's all.

I look forward to helping you get started and set up.


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My Promise to you

How soulful women can create wealth in a secure way by following my Bitcoin for Queens Masterclass without making expensive mistakes using my Bitcoin Queen's Method

It’s my mission and privilege to help and educate as many women as possible about what Bitcoin is and make them see what the potential benefits are for them as an investment opportunity.

It’s my deep desire to educate women in becoming financially literate and realise they too can still join the Bitcoin revolution, create wealth and great fortune for themselves, their kids and family.

This is what women are best at. We want to look after everybody who is dear to us and provide without taking any unprecedented risks like men often do.


What my Bitcoin Queens say about me

Carolyn is a bitcoin queen with a sweet appearance and a nice warm voice. 

Over the years she has gathered a lot of knowledge about Bitcoin and the the whole crypto currency world. 

She explains very clearly and simply what bitcoin is, which was all a complete mystery to me in the beginning. 

What attracted me is that I don't have to start with €1000, but a small amount that I can easily miss is also feasible. 

Through all her experience, she takes you on a beginners journey of 8 manageable steps, which are very practical and essential to understanding bitcoin.

Pamela Veldema

Brain Therapist - Entrepreneur

Carolyn is one of the most giving and helpful persons I know. She truly wants to educate women to gain financial freedom through Bitcoin and other Crypto Currency. She has lots of experience and knowledge and her online course is a safe place to learn.

Femke Hogema

Author, Trainer, Speaker - Profit First Professionals BV

Carolyn helped me create an account and that is how I invested in my first Bitcoin/Satoshis. Yes, I was so happy.

What is so great about her is that she puts you at ease, is pure, bright and radiates peace and is also a sweatheart! That immediately gave me confidence to start my Bitcoin journey.

She really helps you in a sincerely and loving way and takes you by the hand so that it's no longer 'scary' and gives you so much confidence that even when the market dips you know exactly what to do. Really nice.

Astrid Toussaint

Fashion Stylist - Entrepreneur


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