Welcome, you new Bitcoin Queen-to-be!

Thank you so much for your trust. Let's enjoy this trip together en lift each other up as much as we can.

After your succesful payment, you will receive some emails an grant access to the Bitcoin for Queens Academy.

Step 1.

You will receive an email with the order details, short after joining the training programme and fulfillment of the payment.

Step 2.

Now you can login to the Bitcoin for Queens academy, with the 'login-button' in the upper right. You can use the information you received by email. In the academy you will find tons of value. If you are already logged in, simply click 'academy' in the upper right and enter the academy.

Step 3.

I will add you into the 'Bitcoin for Queens' whatsapp group, so you will receive all the buy, sale and hold-calls. So you will never have to be uncertain about what to do, when Bitcoin-value changes.