Card deck Bitcoin for Queens

The Bitcoin for Queens Card Deck

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  • A beautiful magical card deck to help you on your journey towards financial freedom
  • The cards guide and help you with questions you are seeking answers too
  • Includes a downloadable Journal so you can track your money mindset and abundance mindset
  • Includes a playlist to meditate to or listen to to calm and relax your senses
  • It's a must-have if you have not yet started on your Bitcoin journey
  • If Bitcoin is calling you then you must listen and this card-deck will help you on your way safely
  • As a pro Bitcoiner you will love this feminine card deck too as it's all about how you as a woman can be part of this amazing revolution called financial freedom and isnpire others to do so too
  • Postage will be track and trace parcel delivery

Pamela Veldema

Brain therapist and Entrepreneur

Carolyn is a bitcoin queen with a sweet appearance and a nice warm voice. 
What attracted me is that I don't have to start with € 1.000, but a small amount that I can easily miss is also feasible.
Through all her experience, she takes you on a journey to financial independence.

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