How to become a bitcoin queen in 8 simple steps

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What other queens say...

Carolyn is a bitcoin queen with a sweet appearance and a nice warm voice. 
Over the years she has gathered a lot of knowledge about Bitcoin and the the whole crypto currency world. 
She explains very clearly and simply what bitcoin is, which was all a complete mystery to me in the beginning. 
What attracted me is that I don't have to start with € 1.000, but a small amount that I can easily miss is also feasible. 
Through all her experience, she takes you on a beginners journey of 8 manageable steps, which are very practical and essential to understanding bitcoin.

Pamela Veldema

Brain therapist and Entrepreneur

That was ABSOLUTELY not for me!
Until Carolyn introduced me at a beautiful moment. Even my husband went along with it.
She explained everything to me in a simple way and made me dare to take the step. In fact, she takes me by the hand through this jungle, as it were!
Really fantastic!
I would never have started it without her.

Janine de Widt

Vocal coach and therapist

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