Are you looking to invest in Bitcoin but are still sitting on the fence?

Book a free call with me (20 minutes) in which I can take away any worries you might have and answer your questions so you'll no longer have any doubts that it'll be the best thing to do. You just cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity.

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What are the benefits of the call

Within 20 minutes you'll understand why it's a good investment.

Long term investment

You'll realise that Bitcoin has a fantastic track record and that if you follow my mehtod you'll make your money work for you 24/7 over time. Nobody has lost money if they held on for 3,5 years.


We'll debunk your fears of what is preventing you from jumping. You'll see that you've got nothing to lose. You'll learn it's a decentralised system and that no government or bank controls it. 

Bitcoin is better than Gold

Bitcoin is a scarce class A asset and a hedge against inflation. It'll take over Gold soon. You'll realise you're still part of the group Early Majority and that getting in at these prices today is still okay.

These beautiful Bitcoin Queens already had a free call with me

Petra v d V


" Without talking to Carolyn I would never ever have dared to climb into the Bitcoin and Crypto space. She answered all my questions with patience and kindness"


Esther J

Entrepreneur/ Family Therapist

" Carolyn convinced me to keep investing in Bitcoin and not to have all of my savings sat melting in the bank. So happy I listened to her. My portfolio is now growing over time.

About Bitcoin for Queens


My name is Carolyn

I'm a Bitcoin expert and help women to gain financial independece and wealth. My Bitcoin journey started in 2018. Everybody told me I was crazy, but I'd done my homework and saw the huge potential Bitcoin has as an investment for the long term. Never regretted that day I jumped. If I can do it so can you, even at the price it is today. Listen I'd missed the $3 per Bitcoin price when I jumped. Did I worry about that, no. I just went for it and now my story inspires many women today.

The free call, this is how it works:

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    Schedule a timeslot in the calendar below 
    Once you have clicked confrm and filled in the details, you'll then receive an email confirming your time slot. 
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    You will receive a confirmation email 
    Via e-mail you'll receive a confirmation that your free call with me has been booked. In the email there will be a link to guide you to our call. Make a note of this.
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    We meet each other on the time agreed
    Via the link from the e-mail we'll meet each other in the Zoom meeting room.  There we'll discuss what your thoughts are on Bitcoin and what is maybe preventing you from investing.  I'll try and answer your questions to my best knowledge. I'm not a financial advisor and this is puur for educational purposes only. If you have any doubts after our call then seek independent financial advise from a professional. If I get the impression that you understand what Bitcoin is and I feel you're ready to invest I'll make you an offer during the call. Then we plan next steps.
  4. 4
    We end the call
    At the end of the call we'll recap the conversation we had and what we discussed and concluded. By doing this then your next steps will be clear. You'll know what to do and what choice to make in an independent manner so you can get started. Twenty minutes flies by so we'll keep it to the point. No chit chat.

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